I was returning from an afternoon exploring the paths on the fringe of Midgley Moor and paused awhile to wait for the shadows cast by clouds to move past the houses at the top of the opposite hillside. The path goes down to the Catherine House Lane/Wood Lane bridleway. It is supposed to go straight across the lane to Spa Wood, but actually you have to turn left for 80m to a stile, and then go down the edge of the field to another stile into the wood, then turn right until you meet the path down to the stream. If anyone knows where the spa was let me know! There are two paths up the hillside, one turning right over a stone bridge to Throstle Bower where there is the graveyard of a former Wesleyan chapel with an interesting memorial to orphan children who died whilst working at  Calvert’s Mill at Wainstalls. The other path turns left and crosses the stream by stepping stones which are submerged in wet weather. Both routes pass a ruined farmhouse at Upper Heys and lead up to the path on to Warley Moor.  Humphrey Bolton