The Lower Wharfedale Ramblers are changing their meeting arrangements from the 1st July 2017. These changers are as follows :- The A+ group will meet every Tuesday at the Old Bridge (South side), Stockeld Road, Ilkley for car sharing at 9am or at a different time as specified. The A group will meet…

Calderdale Ramblers and other local walking groups got together last May to look at how they could promote their area to walkers from other parts of the country. The new initiative covers the stunning countryside in the Calder Valley stretching from the Lancashire border near Todmorden, to Hebden Bridge, Luddenden and Warley. It’s a countryside […]

Henry Mason, who is Chairman of Craven Group of the Ramblers, has been running his successful Map and Compass courses for ten years. He tells the West Riding Rambler the inside story and how it all started. “I have always had an interest in map reading and been impressed with the amount of detail on […]

Increasing pressure by cyclists to have the legal right to ride on all public footpaths was strongly opposed at the West Riding Area AGM held at Ilkley on 28th January. The meeting unanimously passed a resolution to “urge that The Ramblers’ Association use all possible endeavours to oppose…

The April 2017 edition of the West Riding Rambler is now online – if you are a member of the Ramblers in the West Riding area of Yorkshire you will have already got your printed copy in the post; if you are not, you can read the latest edition online or download the PDF to […]

Never call Birders Twitchers unless you are referring to those folk who rush around the country in the hope of spotting some rarity that has lost probably lost its internal compass, flown in by mistake and wishes it was in a much more familiar place.   Some, but not all, of these Twitchers give Birders a […]

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