The Wakefield Way is a 70 mile, waymarked walking route around the Wakefield Metropolitan District and covers a wide variety of landscapes.  The route is divided into 11 sections of varying length with start and end points accessible by public transport.

Sections may be split or added together to suit the individual walker.  The walks can be done in any order and in either direction but these leaflets start at Anglers Country Park and follow a clockwise direction.  The use of Ordnance Survey Explorer maps is recommended in conjunction with the leaflets, the map number is quoted on each page.

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Walks 1-3

1. Anglers Country Park to Notton.
Distance 6.23 miles (10km)

2. Notton to Bretton.
Distance 6.51 miles (10.47km)

3. Bretton to Horbury Bridge.
Distance 8.52 miles (14.16km)


Walks 4-6

4. Horbury Bridge to Kirkhamgate.
Distance 5.47 miles (9.61km)

5. Kirkhamgate to Stanley.
Distance 6.59 miles (10.6km)

6. Stanley to Castleford.
Distance 7.2 miles (11.82km


Walks 7-9

7. Castleford to Pontefract.
Distance 3.59 miles (5.76km)

8. Pontefract to Thorpe Audlin.
Distance 7.3 miles (11.8km)

9. Thorpe Audlin to South Elmsall.
Distance 5.3 miles (8.47km)


Walks 10-11

10. South Elmsall to Hemsworth
Distance 7.14 miles (11.5km)

11. Hemsworth Bypass to Anglers
Country Park.
Distance 6.41 miles (10.31km)