Outwood - Thorpe on the Hill - Robin Hood

Group: Take a Hike

Sunday 9 May, 2021
9.5 miles

The maximum number of people on this walk will be 12, including the walk leader.

A repeat of the walk I led on 15.08.20.

The route covers roadside paths, fields & woodland footpaths.  Although much of the route is flat, there are some ascents & descents.  There are some squeeze stiles but there are also some gates so please be aware of this.  Some of the paths are narrow so please be considerate of other people and give them space.

There are some large grassy areas where we can stop for longer breaks. Shorter breaks will be taken as & when required.  This will not be a fast paced walked. With breaks & photos, I average 2 miles per hour.

Due to COVID-19, we all need to take extra steps to stay safe. Please follow all safety advice given by the walk leader, including the latest guidelines on physical distancing. For more information about COVID-19 and Ramblers group walks, please see our guidance for walkers on the coronavirus pages of the Ramblers website.

Booking your place
If you would like to join this walk, please book a place using the Link in Additional Notes section below.  If you are viewing this on the Ramblers App the Additional Notes are not displayed, please visit the websites for the booking link.

Please note that places will fill up quickly, bookings will start at 8pm on 04/05/21 and will close 24hrs before the start time of the walk. If you are unable to attend, please cancel your booking so that someone else can take your place. Please do not turn up for a walk without booking, as we will have to turn you away.

Additional Notes: –

To book your place please use the link HERE, bookings will start at 8pm on 04/05/21 and will close 24hrs before the start time of the walk.

Suzanne McRobbie
Take a Hike
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